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This is the forth generation website. The first attempt was a horrible version that was frame and table based :( . I got tired of re-styling the content everytime I changed appearances so this time all the information is stored in xml files. XSLT transforms the XML into XHTML and the result is used in a php file which controls the navigation. This way I can re-do the template and navigation and not have to make one change to the content. Nice :)

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This site uses some of the newer css features for the navigation. It should degrade nicely but you should really use a decent browser. I recommend:


If the logo at the top left appears low quality (or doesn't show at all), your browser doesn't support PNG files. You should go here which will show you what you're missing out on! Get a new one and while your at it, sign the petition for full png support in IE under Windows. Why do I use a png? png's have alpha channels which means anti-aliasing (the smoothing of text) works regardless of the background. And why do I need this? Well if your browser supports CSS2, you'd notice the logo and navigation doesn't scroll with the page and hence the logo has to look 'right' on any colour background.

Update: I've been informed by one of my friends working at Microsoft on IE7 that full PNG support has been added !